Yesterday, for some reason, I started thinking about the cast of Full House. I used to LOVE this show when I was younger and I swear I’ve seen every episode at least three times.

I’m really into performing though, and I know the importance of bonding with your cast backstage (off screen) and I started thinking: So these people basically watched Mary-Kate and Ashley grow up, right? I wonder how the rest of the cast, mainly the three men and Lori Laughlin, reacted to all the problems that the Olsen Twins had after the show when they grew up. They all had to have formed a pretty tight bond and I bet Lori cried and everyone was really sad for them when they were going through the troubling times. I wonder if they reached out to them and they tried to help or offered their support. I bet they did. I bet they all thought of their first season when the twins were just babies and they reminisced about how sweet and innocent they were and then they were sad. 

And as Jordan just reminded me, Jodie Sweetin had some pretty serious problems too. I just like to think that the cast stayed together and stayed supportive of each other throughout the troubling times like a family should. I feel like the bonds you make when you’re doing something like this for so long just don’t break and even when there are problems, they’re there for one another. I like to hope that’s how things really work. I know it’s optimistic and idealist or whatever, but that’s how I hope things are.

That’s just something I was thinking about. I also bet John Stamos had a thing for Catherine Zeta-Jones but that’s another topic of conversation. haha

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